Aircon Off technologies

Aircon Off Occupancy Sensors

The automatic off feature is possible using a Passive Infra-red (PIR) sensor as seen below. This  sensor detects when the air conditioner (AC) is running and then use a Smart Movement Sensor to scan the room for occupancy. When no occupancy has been detected, after a preset time delay (either 15, 30 or 60 minutes), a signal, like the off signal from the air conditioner’s remote control, will be transmitted to the AC to switch it off (or if preferred switch it to economy mode).

Stiched ACO

This system is not a switch, circuit breaker or relay, it uses regular remote control signals to communicate with the air conditioner, and does not alter or affect the incoming power supply in any way. This means shutdown will occur in a normal manner after depressurising the pipework of the unit, eliminating the stress on valves, seals etc. that would occur if power was just “cut off”.

The system can also be programmed to allow for sleeping periods (in accommodation facilities) when little or no movement will occur, and if it is desirable to not turn the air conditioner off, it can signal the unit to run in an ‘economy mode’ (being a temperature some degrees higher than the minimum temperature in cooling mode).

Aircon Off Smart Remote

The Smart Remote (below) is intended to replace the existing remote device. It can be programmed (if desired) to limit the minimum and maximum temperature setting that the user can operate the air conditioner under, thus allowing the ‘set point’ to be reached earlier, at which time a more sensible stable temperature will be achieved and electricity will be saved.

The remotes have been extensively tested and found to be compatible with over 99% of air conditioning units worldwide.


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