Our services

Project Development Services

Carbon Reduction Ventures (CRV), are developers and advisers of advanced solar and hybrid energy solutions, offer project development services in the establishment of hybrid systems using Solar Photovoltaic (PV) combined with battery storage technologies, Cogeneration systems (CHP), or Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) storage augmented with Waste Heat Recovery (WHR).

Such systems offer gains in efficiency, along with reductions in power costs and carbon emissions, and can be created by integrating new and existing power generation technologies.

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Energy Consulting Services

Carbon Reduction Ventures (CRV) provides independent consultancy services in Energy Analysis and Procurement (electricity and gas purchasing), identifying Energy Efficiency opportunities and the development of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems (or upgrade existing systems) with, or without a battery storage technology.

CRV’s expertise extends from initial analysis of your site, through to retailer contract execution and/or solar system commissioning, and most aspects in between!

Our investigation into a site’s Energy Analysis not only assists in Energy Procurement, but also allows us to use that information to assess the merit of a suitably sized solar PV system. Not only will this reduce reliance on grid power from a retailer, in most cases, it saves you money!

For off-grid systems, an optimal combination of fuel based generation with solar PV and battery technology creates a state of the art Micro-grid.


By having CRV undertake both elements of the above work, our clients are ensured of a harmonious (financial and technical) outcome with your existing or future energy retailer commitments.

How we deliver our services

Our typical first stage of work, is an investigation into the site’s energy consumption. We use this analysis for energy procurement work, and it also allows CRV to simultaneously determine the technical and financial merit of considering a suitably sized solar PV system, which usually presents as a very attractive option.

CRV’s expertise in meeting  your energy needs include the following services:

  1. Load Profiling and Load Management
  2. Energy analysis and advisory
  3. Power and gas procurement
  4. Determination of an Energy Generation Strategy and Renewable Energy Technology
  5. Energy Efficiency options & load optimisation
  6. Generation & system budget costs
  7. Western Power network access applications
  8. Economics & providing finance options (leasing /power purchase agreement)
  9. Operations & maintenance/monitoring & control
  10. Project design & execution

Our associates in Electrical Engineering and PV system design (Petro Min) and the contractors we work with on subsequent installations, are amongst the best in their respective industries, and our projects we only utilise proven and cost effective quality componentry.

Our clients (past and present) have included:

  • Newman College, Churchlands
  • Perth Waldorf School, Bibra Lake
  • Trinity College, East Perth
  • Myalup Heritage Farm, Myalup
  • AC Morris and Co, Victoria Park
  • Mercedes College, Perth
  • Williams Electrical Services, Balcatta
  • Roy Hill Mine Accommodation Camp
  • Northern Star Resources, Tanami Gold Mine