Trinity College (current)

In October 2015 Carbon Reduction Ventures (CRV), in conjunction with Planetary Power Solutions, designed upgrades to the existing solar array installed at Trinity College in 2011. This design optimised the yield from the existing 30kW of inverter capacity and 22.8kW of modules to 41.2kW of module capacity. In doing so this has improved the financial performance of the system remarkably, while also reducing the carbon footprint of the school, both by approximately two fold. Details of the upgraded system can be seen below and here.

Over the course of 2016-17, CRV will continue to develop further renewable and high efficiency sustainable energy projects at Trinity College with the construction of new 66kW solar PV array and a novel control system to store any surplus electricity generated by the solar array as heat in the school’s 50m heated swimming pool using heat pumps. CRV is working with local partner Petro Min Engineering on this exciting project to achieve this pioneering feature.




The students at Trinity College have also developed a video about the school’s Sustainability programs here.