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VirtualSolarTM Technology

The VirtualSolarTM system is capable of providing energy on demand 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The system operates by placing the VirtualSolarTM receiver containing a quantity of graphite on a 24m high tower and surrounding it with a quantity of heliostats. Using custom designed software, the heliostats follow the path of the sun and direct its rays onto the graphite. Due to the low emissivity of high purity graphite, thermal losses are very low over an extended period of time.

The advantage of this system is that heat can be converted to steam whilst the sun’s rays are being directed onto the graphite or after the receiver is sealed.

The following animation displays one module in operation Solar Plant – Animated technology video

The Lloyd Energy Systems storage technology that VirtualSolarTM is based on, was selected for funding by the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) under the Advanced Electricity Storage Technologies (AEST) program

The report on the outcome from this project can be viewed here.