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Energy Consultancy Services

Carbon Reduction Ventures (CRV) provides a range of energy consultancy services for Clients interested in saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

We undertake a thorough effort to understand our Clients energy needs, and provide a holistic service to deliver on our promises.

We are a small team that put as much effort into a small commission as we do a large scale energy project.

Our expertise lies in being able to interpret an energy load curve and complete a site assessment to identify the best means to reduce energy consumption, energy charges or incorporate self generation systems from solar, heat recovery or gas co-generation.

You can see a list of recent previous work here .

CRV and associates also offer specialised services in large scale Solar PV Project Development.

More information about our full range of services can be seen here

Hybrid Systems

Carbon Reduction Ventures (CRV), developers and advisers of advanced solar and hybrid energy solutions, offer project development services in the establishment of hybrid systems using Solar Photovoltaic (PV) combined with battery storage technologies, Cogeneration systems (CHP), or Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) storage augmented with Waste Heat Recovery (WHR).

Such systems offer gains in efficiency, along with reductions in power costs and carbon emissions, and can be created by integrating new and existing power generation technologies.

The use of hybrid energy models incorporating solar energy systems with natural gas or diesel fuels can allow for the development and deployment of an innovative yet proven renewable energy system, that outperform many conventional technologies in terms of economics, while delivering emission reductions over the long term, and can address issues such as peak grid power demands or high cost diesel fuel power systems.

CRV has expertise in many aspects of developing a solar hybrid project including:

  • Load Profiling
  • Determination of an Energy Generation Strategy
  • Configuration determination & optimisation of system
  • Generation & system costs
  • Economics & providing finance options (leasing /power purchase agreement)
  • Operations & maintenance/monitoring & control
  • Project design & execution

CRV’s solar thermal storage hybrid systems utilise the highly innovative Solastor graphite thermal energy storage technology and associated heliostat technology.